Review: The God Complex

Warning: There may be spoilers below

Just now, I watched the newest episode of Doctor Who: The God Complex. It was a thrilling, creepy episode that was full of new monsters at every turn. I was a little disappointed because the Doctor Who site, along with all its trailers and clips, boasted the return of the Weeping Angels. They were really scary in The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, so I was excited for another appearance. They did appear, for about one and a half minutes! Other than that, the idea was great, the story made for a nice thriller, but it was a bit anti-climactic. Although we can guess what was in the Doctor’s room, we never got to see it, and the action did begin to slow in the end, in preparation for the Doctor’s grand farewell! Being a relatively new Whovian (starting with Series 5), I started out with Amy (and Rory) being the Doctor’s companions. Even though we’ll definitely see them again in this series and the next, it was a little sad to see them go.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The God Complex

  1. It is a little sad, but I think fresh faces would be a good thing because Amy and Rory have had two series all to themselves already. It was definitely a good episode, but I think The Girl Who Waited was better. I haven’t watched Closing Time yet, but I’ll write a review when I can.

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