Innovation: Natural Supplement for Greying Hair

A new anti-greying pill, Go Away Gray, can now be found in the American market. This natural supplement consists of an enzyme called catalase, as well as vitamin B2, folic acid, zinc, saw palmetto, and horsetail. Although the ingredients are all said to make hair healthier, the main active ingredient is catalase. A 2009 study has shown that because hair produces it’s own hydrogen peroxide, bleach builds up when there’s a lack of catalase, which ultimately causes hair to turn grey.

Cathy Beggan and the R&D team who developed the pill claims that it regains hair colour in three months. During development, Beggan had tested it on her assistant’s husband who’s hair began to change back to it’s natural colour in two weeks.

Although foreigners can buy this pill online, it is recommended to consult your doctor before consuming as even natural supplements can have negative side effects.

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Source: Reader’s Digest

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