Review: The Wedding of River Song

WARNING: There may be spoilers below

Yesterday, the last episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who was aired by the BBC. And what an episode it was! The Silence, Winston Churchill, and the Williams (or Ponds) all return, though this time Churchill isn’t exactly on the Doctor’s side. All the actors act brilliantly portraying themselves in an alternate universe where the Doctor does not die. Matt Smith also does a good job playing an investigative, Indiana Jones sort of Doctor, hat and all. He tries to meet all the people involved with the Silence, including Dorium (the fat blue guy), who is now separated from his body. He also (as we saw in Closing Time) tries to contact all his old friends, which makes for a little scene in which we discover that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart has passed away. The Doctor is now older, as Matt Smith nicely plays once again, giving a bit of a grimmer attitude to the Doctor.

The Silence are now taken prisoner by Amy and River, with Rory as their soldier. Here the Doctor learns that the eye patches are actually a way to keep from forgetting the Silence. At this point, it almost seems that they are doing fine. They do not know, however, that the Silence are perfectly capable of breaking out, which they do so once the Doctor enters the pyramid where Amy has her base. As they are escaping, they must take off their eye patches and run, but Rory is bravely willing to sacrifice himself. There is a great moment where Amy realises that she actually marries Rory in another universe, and she saves Rory, killing Madame Kovarian.

Next we get to the part that gives the episode its name: the wedding of River Song. Here, there is a funny part where Rory (re)learns that River is his daughter, and must give consent. It is also fitting that the Doctor and River get married holding the Doctor’s bow tie. The phrase ‘Rule 1: The Doctor Lies’ is repeated in this episode, just when we were all wondering how the Doctor would survive. I guess I shouldn’t say here how he does it, because I’ve droned on and spoiled a lot already. I also won’t tell you what the Question that can’t be asked is, but it’s in plain sight, and it’s one we’ll never know the answer to!

So have a look into it yourself, and tell us what you think! Although we’ll have a Christmas special, and perhaps an Easter one too, we won’t be seeing Series 7 until Fall 2012 (such a long wait!), where well see the Eleventh Doctor once again, along with Amy and Rory (although they may not be the main companions this time).

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