News: Doctor Who Confidential discontinued

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as this information has been out for quite a while. The BBC, in an effort to cut costs, has decided to discontinue airing Doctor Who Confidential, which always showed just after its respective episode on BBC3. In fact, Doctor Who Confidential was started along with Series 1 and has faithfully followed each and every episode since. Although it can’t really be said that Confidential was a huge success, it’s always had a decent enough viewership. There have even been petitions sent to the BBC by fans trying to make them reconsider. The BBC plans to have BBC3 air repeats of BBC1 programmes for its 7pm to 9pm slots. It would also like to have new original shows unique to the channel.

Although I don’t watch every episode as it airs, I’ve always liked DWC to be there, so I can see the behind-the-scenes of a particularly good episode. It seems that the BBC doesn’t really appreciate the viewership it’s got from Doctor Who, and is trying its hardest to get new shows in, when Doctor Who has given it so much over the past fifty years.

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