News: David Tennant gets married

Okay, normally here at Kantaloupe, we generally stay away from celebrity-stalking when doing News articles, but I thought I should kick off the year with something nice, and my only excuse for this is that it has to do with Doctor Who. Here goes!

Last night, David Tennant married Georgia Moffett, the daughter of previous Doctor Who actor Peter Davison. The ceremony was held in London, and newspaper sources said the couple tried to keep the ceremony as private as possible.

The two met when she was a co-star on Doctor Who, playing the Doctor’s Daughter in the episode of the same name.┬áThe couple have been planning to marry since Tennant proposed last Christmas, and they already have an eight-month-old daughter named Olivia.

When asked of whether he approves of David, Peter Davison said, ‘It’s great because he’s a genuinely nice guy.’ Tennant has stated that he grew up watching Davison’s Doctor, and that his episodes were some of his favourites.

We wish the new couple a Happy New Year, and many great times ahead. What do you think of this news. Should we cover more stories like this? Tell us in the comments.

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