Review: Diamine Meadow Ink

Manufacturer: Diamine | List Price: $13.95 | Buy from Amazon

While purchasing my brand new Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, I bought a bottle of Diamine Meadow ink. I am very satisfied with this ink so far, so without further ado, here’s the review!

The paper used was regular Staples 20 lb copy paper. The ink was swabbed 3 times in the “Swab” section and the water was smeared 3 times in the “Water” section. Thanks for reading!

List Price: $13.95 | Buy from Amazon

Review: Aurora Blue Ink

Manufacturer: Aurora | List Price: $19.00 | Buy from Amazon

After seeing good reviews on Fountain Pen Network and deciding that I needed a change from Waterman Black, I decided to get this as my next bottle of ink. It’s a good dark blue, though it looks really purple in the image below (maybe it’s just my monitor). 

The translation for the scrawl you see in the Notes sections is ‘Though a little expensive, it’s a nice blue for work and school. It’s not at all waterproof, but it’s nice because it goes on wet and purple, then dries to a nice dark blue. Definitely one of my favourite inks!’ The paper used is regular 20 lb copy paper. The swab is three layers of ink, and the water test is three smears with water on completely dried ink. Thanks for reading!

List Price: $19.00 | Buy from Amazon