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OK, for people who want to learn shorthand online, sometimes looking for material can be a wild goose chase. When I first started learning Teeline, it seemed there wasn’t much online, and the courses that were online costs money. There are many free courses online, but a lot will only take you part-way through the theory. Manuals are nice because they follow a complete and strict course. I did manage to find a manual for Teeline online, along with some other shorthand systems so you can have the choice if you want to download them here. They should all be open source or public domain, but if you do own the rights to any of these manuals, contact us and I’ll gladly take the offending manual down.

Teeline Manual

Gregg Pre-Anniversary (1916) Manual

Gregg Anniversary (1929) Manual

Isaac Pitman (1852) Manual

Feel free to download any of them. This is a rather incomplete list, so if you find any better manuals (Handywrite, Speedwriting, Gregg Simplified, etc.) that can legally be put on here, let us know!

4 thoughts on “Files: Shorthand Manuals

  1. Thank you very very much for posting the Teeline shorthand manual- like you, I went on a wild goose chase until I googled “Teeline” and found your manual. Really really appreciate the work and effort you put in- it has helped a future undergraduate major in history get to grips with taking clear and concise notes in lectures!

  2. Thank you very much for the materials, as I am interested in Gregg shorthand.

    By the way, do you have any manuals for French Gregg shorthand? I seached everywhere, but I found nothing.

  3. Thank you for posting the manuals. I have downloaded the Teeline manual and started learning it. But it does not contain answers for exercises. Can you please post the solutions manual for the book?

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