Review: The Wiki Game

Looking for a quick game to play online? Here’s a cool one I found just yesterday. It’s called the Wiki Game, and it’s basically just a wikipedia hyperlink race. It’s sort of a geeky idea for a game, but it’s actually pretty fun; it’s an online game, so there’ll be other users racing against you.

So what’s this game about? Well, basically you are given a random article on Wikipedia (everyone gets the same one) and then a random article is computer generated to be the target. The first one to get to the target article using the hyperlinks on Wikipedia’s site is the winner. There are lots of variations on the game in addition to the regular speed race. The few supported on (where I play The Wiki Game) are ‘Fewest Clicks’, ‘Six Degrees of Wikipedia’, ‘Five Clicks to Jesus’, and ‘No United States’. My favourite one besides the speed game is ‘Five Clicks to Jesus’.  Although getting from a random article to Jesus’ article sounds pretty hard, it’s actually quite easy: Most countries have a ‘Religion’ section with a link to ‘Christianity’ or some branch of it, and from ‘Christianity’ it’s only one more click to Jesus!

So try the game out! You can play the game as a guest within seconds of clicking this link, and if you really like the game, you can also sign up for an account, which will give you a username and some stats so you can see your progress. Also, there’s an iPhone app, so you can Wikirace on your favourite iOS device!

What do you think of the game? Tell us in the comments!

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