Watch: Asylum of the Daleks

Tonight, the very first episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who will be aired by the BBC. It will see the return of our favourite time-travelling alien and his companions, the Ponds. Here is the synopsis from the BBC Press Office:

Kidnapped by his oldest foe, the Doctor is forced on an impossible mission – to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter… the Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind, the Doctor and the Ponds must find an escape route. But with Amy and Rory’s relationship in meltdown, and an army of mad Daleks closing in, it is up to the Doctor to save their lives, as well as the Ponds’ marriage.

I’m not too sure I’ll like for Doctor Who to become a romantic drama, but I guess it is good that we have more characterisation of the characters instead of just plain action.

Once I’ve watched it, I’ll do a review on this episode, so stay tuned!

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