Review: A Town Called Mercy

Yesterday, the third episode of the current series of Doctor Who aired. This was the rather anticipated Western episode and was rather action-oriented. It wasn’t really important to Amy and Rory’s story so I won’t go through every event in the plot.

Although we’ve already seen the western United States last season, I quite liked the idea of a Doctor Who Western episode. The feel of the setting is realistic and the effects were impressive. One thing I noticed was that the accents were a little exaggerated and fake, but this is overshadowed by the western townspeople’s acting.

The first antagonist we meet, the Gunslinger, got a lot of coverage in trailers, and I don’t think he was disappointing. He was intimidating and yet he had depth in his character. I like that he still has some of his unaltered gentler side left (as shown when he disengages when an innocent person is there), but will still do anything to kill Kahler Jex.

Speaking of Kahler Jex, I didn’t like him quite as much. I found it a little annoying how the story couldn’t figure out if he was the bad guy or not. I didn’t really like when he sacrificed himself, because I thought he should have been the real antagonist of the story to the end.

After last week’s silly episode, it was fitting to have something a little more serious. We saw a more serious Doctor when for the second time in the last two episodes he decided to kill someone. It was nice to see Amy remind the Doctor of his morals, as it really shows that the Doctor needs humans just as much as they need him.

All in all, this week’s episode was pretty solid, though I was disappointed a little just because there was a lot of hype around this one. Personally I thought this was the worst episode of the series so far, but I believe the best is to come in the form of ‘The Power of Three’.

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited for the next episode? Tell us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Review: A Town Called Mercy

  1. I was really excited to see this episode; I love westerns. Was really interesting spin on a western, Doctor Who style. As always, I’m anxious to see the next episode!

  2. I don’t usually watch westerns, but I liked the episode nonetheless. It was quite American in a way, just in the way the story was set up. I don’t know why…

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