Play: Age of Empires: The Forgotten Empires

AoFERemember a couple of months back when I wrote my review on Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings? Well since then I haven’t gotten to playing it much, but I do remember back then there was a lot of hype surrounding a fan-made expansion. Less then a week ago, the expansion was finally released for free.

While I haven’t actually played it yet, I have heard a lot about it and I think it sounds really great. There are five new civilisations, improved AI, new maps, and new looks for certain civilisations. Perhaps best of all, some annoying bugs from the vanilla version have been fixed, and the game now supports resolutions up to 1900×1440.

Once I get the game installed and try it out enough to get a good idea of the features, I’ll write a review. It’s quite amazing to me that a 13-year-old game can still inspire players to create an expansion, and it’s clear by the amount of attention they are getting from gamers that this game is not yet dead. So why not dust off your old Age of Empires II CD and start playing again? The expansion can be downloaded on the team’s official website here.

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