List: Baobab’s Favourite Console and Handheld Games

Hiya folks! A while back wrote 3 posts listing the Top 50 Nintendo Console Games I’ve played (16-50, 9-15, 1-8). Well, it’s been a couple of months since then, and I’ve already played a few games that has thrown off that list a bit. Instead of having to keep updating those posts whenever I try a new game, I’ve decided to upload a Google Doc of all the games I have a memory of playing. That way, it’s easier to add games or change existing games’ ranking to the list at will.

A couple of notes on the format. First of all, I’m not listing all the PC games I’ve played, because I can’t keep track of them all. This is basically a list of all console games I’ve owned and/or played to a memorable extent. I’m ranking them based on the quality of the experience I had while playing. If you read some of my reviews, where I am more objective, you’ll notice that sometimes games I deem technically better are lower down my list. Also, I’ve colour-coded the list, sorting the games by their original console. Most of the retro games there were actually played on the 3DS Virtual Console.

Baobab’s Favourite Console and Handheld Games (Google Docs)

I’ve not actually done full reviews of most of the games on here. If any of you are interested in hearing my thoughts on anything, I’d be happy to oblige, provided I feel I’ve got enough of an idea of its merit. In addition, if you guys have any suggestions of games you think I should play, I’d love to hear them! For the record, I own a GBA SP, 3DS XL, and a GameCube. This gives me access to all Nintendo handheld games, GameCube games, and retro games on the 3DS VC (NES, Game Gear &c.).

Anyway, enjoy! Remember, these are only my opinions, and if you have any of your own opinions to share on any of the games listed, feel free to comment right here!

UPDATE: You’ll notice I just added a new dropdown menu under ‘Kantaloupe’ on the bar up top. Under ‘Video Game Reviews’ you’ll find an index of all the video games myself and Coconut have reviewed. There may not be many entries up there at the moment, but I certainly plan on reviewing many more games in future, so be sure to check back!

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