Review: To the Moon

Developer: Freebird Games | Year: 2011 | List Price: $9.99 | Buy from Steam

To the MoonTo the Moon is another one of those indie games that I hear tell of and then ignore, only to try months later and realise what the hype was all about. Developed by Freebird Games, this story-rich 16-bit adventure puts you in the shoes of a couple of scientists as they modify the memory of a dying old man and grant him the memory of having been to the moon. Along the way they uncover the events of his life that spawned his desire to go to the moon as well as discover the tragedies that caused him to die unfulfilled.
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Review: Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition

Developer: Mojang | Year: 2014 | List Price: 19.99 | Buy from Amazon

MCVitaMinecraft is a game that you never really stop playing once you start. Oh sure, some months have gone by since I played a serious session on the computer, but I recently got the PS Vita Edition of it, and boy have I been playing it! In fact, just a couple of days ago, I got my first ever PSN Platinum Trophy when I ‘beat’ it. Minecraft Vita brings the original game to a portable platform and really does it justice.

Minecraft is on pretty much every system imaginable at this point. PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, Android, heck, even the Raspberry Pi has its own version of Minecraft! All of these versions have their own unique quirks and limitations and it’s impossible to deny that technically, the PC version is the most complete. That said, I truly believe the PS Vita to have the definitive version of Minecraft. This is due to its portability and when you get down to it, Minecraft is a game that you really can play on the go. Want to make a tweak to your castle or farm? Now you don’t have to wait until you get home to do it.
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Review: Nintendo GameCube

Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 2001 | List Price: ~$34.99 | Buy from Amazon

GamecubeIt may be hard to believe, but I’ve been playing video games for 10 years now, and yet the only non-handheld console we actually own is a Nintendo GameCube that we got from a friend a couple of months ago. Though it is over a decade old and didn’t even sell very well when it was out, due to competition from the PS2, the Nintendo GameCube is still beloved my many fans. But is it worth buying in this day and age? Find out as we take a look at the flaws and triumphs of one of the most unique video game consoles of all time.
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Review: Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 2003 | List Price: ~$44.99 | Buy from Amazon

Game_Boy_Advance_SP_Red_ModelThe Game Boy Advance SP was the first game console I ever owned. I got it as a present for Christmas in 2004. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve had it for almost 10 years now and still play it from time to time. I don’t need to say, then, that the Advance SP is probably my favourite game console of all time. But is it still worth buying today when so many newer, more capable handhelds exist on the market?
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Blog: How I got into videogames

So the other day I was messing around with my account on IGN, and realised you can make blog posts, so I decided to introduce myself to the community there. I ended up writing an extremely long post about my history with videogames. You can view it here, but because I thought Kantaloupe readers might be interested in how I got into this noble hobby as well, I’m reposting the story in its entirety here anyway. Enjoy!
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