Review: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Developer: Square Enix | Year: 2011 | List Price: $19.99 | Buy from Amazon

FFIV_Complete_CollectionI’m currently on a quest to beat the first seven North American Final Fantasy games (since they’re all playable on Vita). First I played VI, VII, and X, in that order, and I was missing the sprites and old-schooliness of VI a little so I thought I’d go a little further back. Final Fantasy IV is one of the most celebrated of the franchise, some even going so far as to call it the best in the series. Since its original release as Final Fantasy II in North America, Final Fantasy IV has seen an almost excessive amount of re-releases. You can play it on the SNES, the PSX, the GBA, the DS, the PSP, as well as on iOS and Android. I’m personally playing the PSP version, The Complete Collection, on my Vita. It also includes the two sequels, the Interlude and The After Years, but I didn’t play those. I think I can still give a fair review of the package, however, and the sequels aren’t too celebrated anyway.
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Review: Grim Fandango Remastered (Vita)

Developer: Double Fine | Year: 2014 | List Price: $14.99 | Buy from Steam

gfheaderGrim Fandango is another one of those games that you’re vaguely familiar of, but haven’t tried. In this case specifically, it was practically impossible to get a copy, since it was only released once, back in 1998 by LucasArts. Back then, Grim Fandango did well critically, but didn’t sell very well, and had a rather small run. In fact, the original developers didn’t actually save a full copy of the source code, and the process of remastering Grim Fandango was uncertain and arduous. The operation was ultimately successful, and late last month Grim Fandango Remastered was released to PS4, Vita, and PC, Mac, and Linux. But how does a game hailed as the last of the adventure-game era hold up today? Let’s find out!
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Review: Suikoden

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo | Year: 1996
List Price: ~$18.49 | Buy from Amazon

Suikoden1_PS1_USBoxLate last year, Konami surprised the world by finally re-releasing Suikoden II on PSN. The game, though it has a strong cult following, didn’t sell much upon release and fetches exorbitant prices on eBay. We’ll get to Suikoden II later though (after I play it!). For now, let’s dive into the first game in Konami’s flagship RPG franchise. Suikoden is much less celebrated but its story does directly link to its sequel, so it’s recommended that you try it first. But how does it hold up against other classic JRPGs you could be playing on your PS3 or Vita? Let’s find out, shall we!
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Giveaway: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Special Demo Codes

Monster-Hunter_creative_emailHello everyone,

As many of you probably know, Nintendo is releasing Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS on February 13. In late January, early access codes for the demo were distributed to select club Nintendo members. We at Kantaloupe were lucky enough to receive some, and we’ve decided to share them with you. Continue reading