Tutorial: Play Valkyria Chronicles (or any other PC Steam game) on a Mac

1832934-box_valkchrnI’m playing Valkyria Chronicles. On a Mac. With a DualShock 4 controller. I betcha no one’s ever been able to say that before! Yep, Valkyria Chronicles is on sale right now on both Steam and Humble Bundle. I’m only three hours and a couple of missions in at the moment, but if you’re a fan of turn-based RPGs, and/or story-based campaigns, and/or third-person shooting, you really owe it to yourself to try it. It’s like 7 dollars or so, and though it’s only for PC at the moment, you can actually get it to work on a Mac with the help of Wineskin and some patience.

I’m just gonna say from the beginning that this isn’t a perfect solution. Wineskin basically tricks your Mac into thinking the PC software is native, so you may run into some glitchyness. In particular, I find browsing Steam in PC mode to be really jumpy and strange. However, the game itself runs rather well on medium settings on my Early 2008 iMac, so it should run on your Mac too.

The following tutorial is for Valkyria Chronicles, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with any other game. If you want to see if a particular game is compatible, go to this database and search the game in question. You might also find tips on how to get it to work if it doesn’t straight out of the box.

1. Buy Valkyria Chronicles from either Steam or Humble Bundle (you’ll need a Steam account either way, but if I’m not wrong, it’s actually cheaper through Humble Bundle at the moment).

2. Download Wineskin Winery from their official website. This’ll create the wrapper we’ll need to run the PC version of Steam.

3. Install Steam in the Wine wrapper. I used this helpful tutorial. If, once you’re done, you can’t see text in the Steam window, close the wrapper, right-click it, and hit ‘Show Package contents. Open the Wineskin config application again. Hit ‘Advanced’, then ‘Tools’, then ‘Config Utility (winecfg)’. Go to the ‘Libraries’ tab, and under the ‘New override for library’ text box, add ‘dwrite’. Edit the override so that it’s disabled. You should now be able to see text in the Steam Window.

4. Log in with your Steam account, then access your Library and download Valkyria Chronicles. There you go! You can now play Valkyria Chronicles on your Mac! It is a little glitchy, in that it always seems to tell me that it’s crashing upon startup, only to work just fine. Sometimes, even after quitting the game, you may not have quitted the Wineskin itself. Just use Command-Q if your screen resolution’s all messed up and you can’t find the ‘X’ button to close it.

Optional: To get a controller to work, make sure the config screen for the game opens the first time you play (this is really glitchy, it may take a few tries). Then simply change the input method before starting the game with the green button in the top-right corner.

Also, if you want to get the Wine wrapper to boot straight into the game, instead of into Steam first, simply change the file location in the first screen of the Wineskin editor’s ‘Advanced’ tab to the .exe file of the game. In the case of Valkyria Chronicles, it’s called Valkyria.exe and should be found at /drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Valkyria Chronicles/Valkyria.exe

That’s it! Have fun playing your favourite Steam games on your Mac!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Play Valkyria Chronicles (or any other PC Steam game) on a Mac

  1. Hi!

    I hope you have an eye on your older posts as well, because I have a question about this topic.

    I bought Valkyria Chronicles (I saw it on sale and remembered reading this post when I was searching for something else) and installed it through Porting Kit.
    It seems to run fine (when a person runs it seems really slow, but I am sure I can fix that by myself), but my problem is that the PS3 controller config is really messed up.

    I can get to the config screen and change it to PS3 controller, remap all the buttons but when I then start the game the controller is all messed up, randomly flipping back in forth between “left and right options” (like “do you want to view this event” “yes” “no”), as well as when in a normal menu, when I am going up or down, it goes back after my choice.
    I also seem not to be able to “confirm” anything with the controller, I have to use the keyboard instead (there doesn’t seem to be an option in the remap menu for that ether).

    Do you have any idea how I could fix this?

  2. I had VK running fine until the last update of sierra OS. Since I’ve updated my OS I can’t play the game anymore. I tried to reinstall it from scratch, but it wont work.

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