Tutorial: How to get the Shovel Knight Platinum (With “Hurry Up” Step-by-Step Guide!)

Shovel_knight_coverShovel Knight was released on PlayStation systems last Tuesday, and I’ve been playing it non-stop ever since. I absolutely loved it when I played it on 3DS last summer and have since triple-dipped, buying it on Mac and Vita as well. Today, I just got the Platinum trophy! According to PSNProfiles, I’m the 44th or so in the world to do so! In this guide, I’m going to show you how you too can get the Platinum. Shovel Knight’s not a particularly difficult game, but its Platinum can be frustrating for those of you — like me — who don’t have old-school platforming sensibilities. Though I chose to do it in 4, the Platinum can be got in as little as 2 or 3 playthroughs! This is a general guide, and I won’t necessarily address all the trophies in detail, just the hardest ones.

Playthrough 1: Beat the game, collecting all relics as well as shovel and armour upgrades. Also, collect all the song scrolls.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Simply play the game to completion any way you like. You’ll get the Victory! trophy. The important thing here is to NOT START NEW GAME PLUS!!! until you have gotten the Decked Out trophy. Collecting the song scrolls isn’t too hard, there are usually two or three per stage, and you can hit Select on the world map to see if you’re missing any from any particular stage. IGN has a song scrolls locations guide This will net you the Music Lover trophy. For some of the miscellaneous trophies, I found this guide helpful.

Playthrough 1a: Finish New Game Plus.
New Game Plus is where the real challenge starts. You start the game over keeping all your gear, but enemies do double damage and food is scarce. The boss rush is especially difficult, but note that under every other platter is a turkey. You need to open the platter with the bombs though, or the food platters won’t spawn. Finishing this will get you the Again! trophy. Also, because you’ve already bought everything, you won’t have to again, and you’ll get the Penny Pincher trophy for not spending any money.

Playthrough 2: Don’t die, destroy all checkpoints
This isn’t as hard as it sounds, since if you die, you can always hit Start and choose ‘Return to Map’ to revert your save. Just go slowly, don’t be afraid to use the Phase Locket and/or Red Ichors, and you’ll be fine. Since you just finished New Game Plus, returning to normal difficulty will be a breath of fresh air. You’ll get the Impossible! trophy after this step, as well as Perfect Platformer since not dying means you didn’t fall into any pits. And since you’re not dying, you don’t need any checkpoints; destroying them gets you the Checkpointless trophy.

Optional: Play the game again without relics.
Many folks choose to do this trophy in tandem with the 90-minute playthrough. I decided to give myself a break and just do it separately. Simply do not buy any relics and you’re golden. (Note: This includes ichors, as far as I know.) You can still buy health and mana upgrades, as well as new shovels and armour. By the end of this playthrough, you’ll have the trophy True Shovelry.

2015-04-24-003023Playthrough 3: Beat the game in under 90 minutes!
This is easily the hardest trophy in the game, since there’s a lot of time-management strategies involved. Going to the menu and hitting ‘Return to Map’ doesn’t erase your time! Hit ‘Return to Title Screen’ instead, and you’ll revert your save, giving you another chance in case you did a stage badly and don’t want to affect your time. Keep plenty of backup save files in case you do mess up really badly. You don’t want to have to redo the entire game just because you accidentally autosaved at the end! This is an outline of how I got the trophy:

  • Beat Plains, enter and exit Village, beat Pridemoor Keep, beat Lich Yard
  • Go to Village, cash in meal ticket, buy Flare Wand and Phase Locket. (4000 gold)
  • [Buy meal tickets and magic if you have extra cash, saving 2000 or so.]
  • [Buy two chalices (3000 gold), and fill them red, costs time!]
  • Beat Lost City, buy Dust Knuckles (3000 gold)
  • Beat Iron Whale, buy Throwing Anchor (3000 gold) – I allowed myself one death here
  • Go to Armoury, buy Dynamo Mail (6000 gold)
  • Beat Explodatorium
  • Beat Flying Machine, buy Propeller Dagger (4000 gold) – died once
  • Beat Stranded Ship – died once
  • Beat Clockwork Tower, buy Mobile Gear to kill Tinker Knight (3000 gold)
  • Go to Village using shortcut, cash in 2 (or more) meal tickets
  • [Spend all your money! I bought an extra meal ticket and 4 mana upgrades.]
  • Beat Tower of Fate as quickly as you can. Try to save your ichor for the Enchantress

I literally JUST made it in time, see below! So this outline isn’t perfect, but if you don’t die as many times as me, you’ll be fine. I also probably didn’t really need the ichors, since I didn’t use them until the Enchantress fight. Getting chalices and filling them up takes about a minute and a half, and it might not be worth it if you’re confident you won’t have trouble with the final boss. You need to average 7:30 per stage, but remember that moving on the map/buying things at the village costs time as well. Also, the ascent can take over 10 minutes due to the boss rush:

2015-04-26-131018The picture doesn’t show the final boss fight, but I took roughly 5 minutes. Finishing this step will net you the Hurry Up! trophy and, assuming you have everything else out of the way, the Shovel Justice Platinum trophy!


Miscellaneous tips: 

  • Learn your relics! Many players prefer different relics, but it’s worth it to learn how all of them work to optimise your own playthroughs. Many speedrunners use different relics, and just because I like using the Flare Wand, Throwing Anchor, and Phase Locket doesn’t mean you necessarily have to use them (I’m not saying I’m a speedrunner by any stretch of the imagination!).
  • Use the Phase Locket in the no-death run and 90 minute run often! Many mini-bosses can be skipped completely if you just phase through them.
  • If you don’t like to waste 8 magic on the Phase Locket, many of the mini-bosses can also be skipped by getting damaged and using your invincibility frames.
  • Use the Propeller Dagger to move around quicker.
  • When you hit bosses, they flash for a moment and you can’t damage them again in this short span. They also can’t hurt you though, so if you land a hit on them even slightly before they do, you’ll take no damage!
  • Spam the Propeller Dagger in the second Enchantress fight! You can often hit the Enchantress’ head 4 or 5 times before falling, and this, alongside the Charge Handle/Dynamo Mail, makes short work of the final boss.

I hope you enjoyed this Shovel Knight trophy guide! Have you gotten the Shovel Knight Platinum? What did you think of the game? Tell us in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to get the Shovel Knight Platinum (With “Hurry Up” Step-by-Step Guide!)

  1. thanks for the hurry up tips it was the last achievement i needed on the wii u and i beat it at an hour 15 and i only bought dinamo shovel upgrades and phaselocket and i checked speedrun.com and i made rank 20 so thanks again

  2. Wow! No problem! That’s pretty impressive! I dunno what I’d do without Flare Wand, honestly… Prop Dagger is cool too. But congratulations!

  3. Thanks so much for the tips. The speed run is the last one I have to do to platinum. I’ve been beating the game repeatedly, hoping for under 90 minutes…in vain! Your exit to title idea should help!

  4. One thing you should add is the fact that you can one-shot Tinker Knight with the Mobile Gear, making short work of his first phase. For his tank phase, there is a sweet spot you can bounce on, avoiding the missiles

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