Review: Status Audio HD One Headphones

Manufacturer: Status Audio | Year: 2013 | MSRP: $49 | Buy from Amazon

statusaudioUntil now, I’ve never owned a pair of headphones. I’ve always been content with using the Apple earbuds/pods that come with Apple devices, but when I saw a good deal on these Status Audio headphones, I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve now been using my Classic HD Ones to listen to music, play video games, and watch YouTube videos for the past month and I feel I can give them an honest review and tell you whether or not you should buy them.

Form: The HD Ones seem quite durable, if a little light compared to more expensive headphones. The matte finish prevents them from developing fingerprints, and the two hinges allow you to fold the headphones up for portability. The 3.5 mm cord is separate from the headphones, meaning that if they ever malfunction, you won’t have to buy a whole new pair of headphones. My only worries with the whole design are that the hinges seem like they could wear out over time that the earcups make scary knocking noises when they wobble slightly.The entire package includes headphones, two 3.5 mm cords (one comes with a microphone), and little bag to carry everything around in. (Good)

Quality: Like I said above, these are the first headphones I’ve owned, but compared to the earbuds I’ve used, the HD One headphones’s sound quality is pretty impressive. I’ve been going through my library of music and hearing new things I never noticed before, especially basslines and the like. The manufacturer claims not to favour any certain frequency, but the mere fact that the drivers on these headphones are larger than those of any earbuds means that you’ll hear a lot more bass than you have with your earbuds. I’ve also been using my headphones with my Vita, where they offer a more immersive experience than you can get with the Vita’s native speakers or with earbuds. (Great)

Comfort: The HD Ones are generally quite comfortable to wear. The leather is quite soft on your ears and it doesn’t catch hair unlike some really cheap headsets. Due to their light weight, the headphones don’t weigh down on you over long periods of time. However, because the padding doesn’t fully encircle the ears, after an hour or so of listening, I often experience some discomfort due to the pressure on my ears. It’s more of an annoyance than a problem, since a five-minute break is more than enough to rectify any discomfort, but it can be a concern if you listen to music for extended periods of time or intend to use the HD Ones for gaming sessions. (OK)

Price: At only $49, Status Audio’s HD One headphones represent a budget option, especially when you take into consideration that some pairs of headphones can take you into the hundreds of dollars. The company claims that they are able to give such a good price by cutting out marketing costs as well as retailers that might mark up the price. At the cost of some earbuds, Status Audio’s headphones are a steal of a deal. (Excellent)

Should you buy it? Yes, if … you’re looking for some headphones that’ll provide a better listening experience than earbuds but don’t want to break the bank, or if you’re just looking for a cheaper pair of headphones that you can bring around. No, you won’t get state-of-the-art playback with Status Audio’s HD One headphones, but at only $50, you won’t regret giving them a try. They’re also a great gift option for anyone you know who enjoys listening to music, especially teenagers. Out of all my siblings, my 12-year-old brother uses his pair the most, both for music and gaming.

MSRP: $49 | Buy from Amazon

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