Impressions: Lucina and Light Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo

I did it. I bought an amiibo. And then five days later, I bought another one. I know amiibo are overpriced and unnecessary, but I just couldn’t resist seeing what all the fuss was about. I don’t actually have a Wii U (yet), nor do I have a New Nintendo 3DS (yet), nor do I have the NFC reader (does that even exist outside of Japan yet?), so I can’t give a full review of the amiibo and their functionality.


You may notice that the site has been somewhat dormant recently. This is in part due to the fact that I have moved to Singapore. There are many downsides to being a gamer in Singapore: Games are really expensive and things come from all sorts of regions and release dates aren’t always clear. Finding amiibo isn’t one of those downsides. I have to clarify that amiibo are actually quite a lot more expensive here, but it certainly is easier to find “rare” amiibo here than in the States or Canada, due to the sheer amount of video game stores in any given area and the lack of retail exclusivity.


Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 2015 | List Price: ~$32 | Buy from Amazon
468px-LucinaBoxI saw Lucina at the first video game store I went to in Singapore. But it was priced at S$10 more than other amiibo (at S$42.90), the store employee citing its rarity as justification for the price hike. I loved Fire Emblem Awakening (it’s probably my favourite game of the last five years, though I didn’t write our review) and Lucina was one of the game’s cooler characters. I even had my avatar marry her in my second playthrough, so obviously I’m a fan of her, and wanted her amiibo, but I decided I could probably find a better price somewhere else. After two days of running around the island of Singapore checking all sorts of video game shops, I came up with nothing, so earlier today I went back to Orchard Road and decided to cough up. My wallet definitely regrets the purchase (especially considering the extra wasted money taking the bus and monorail all over the place!) but Lucina really looks cool sitting on my shelf. Although Lucina herself is solid, her cape, falchion, and scabbard are mildly flexible, which is a little worrisome, since some people have reported her sword being a little bent and droopy. Mine looks fine, however, so it might be a rare problem. Otherwise, the figure seems to be good quality. I really like the details such as the insignias on the cape. I also like that they gave her feet, unlike Lucina in the 3DS game!

Lucina has been classified as a “unicorn” by the amiibo-collector community, meaning that she’s virtually impossible to find for retail price at this point. Even in Singapore, where other “unicorns” like Marth and Shulk are pretty easy to find, as I said above, only one out of the 9 amiibo-stocking video game stores I visited had it.

Light Blue Yarn Yoshi:

Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 2015 | Import Price: ~$25.00 | Buy from Amazon
bloshiI actually got this amiibo first, simply to make Coconut jealous, since they don’t come out fin Canada till later this year. I’m not a huge fan of Yoshi games. (Unlike Coconut, whose favourite game, until Persona 4 Golden came along, has always been Yoshi’s Island). I personally have always found them kind of sluggish and simplistic. That said, Yoshi is one of the cutest Nintendo characters, and this line of soft Yoshi amiibo really highlight that. I really like how squishy and colourful they are. The crocheted texture lends it an almost handmade look. It’s still an amiibo, but there’s actually no stand; instead, the NFC chip is incorporated into the Yoshi itself. And although these are designed for use with the Yoshi’s Woolly World Wii U game coming out later this year, it’s important to note that they are supposed to work with Smash Bros. as well.

I may not have written much recently, but I’ve actually been playing lots of games on my relatively new PS4, I’m almost done Bloodborne, but haven’t played it in a while because the Witcher 3 is such a timesink! However, halfway through August I’ll be going to do National Service, so if I don’t get a review up by then, whether I’ve finished any games or not, it might be a while before you get any new content for me because I don’t know how much free time I’ll have.

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