Review: Device 6

Developer: Simogo | Year: 2013 | Price: $4 | Buy from the App Store

device6sqSince I was enlisted into the army, I’ve had to cut down on video games as I’m away from home for five days a week. We’re allowed to bring phones into camp, though, so to get my gaming fix I’ve had to abandon my prejudice against mobile games and pick up a few to play during breaks from training. I looked around at some ‘Best iPhone Game’ lists to help me wade through the swamp of bad games and downloaded some games that have helped me pass the time. A game that I enjoyed immensely last weekend during my 24-hour guard duty was Device 6.

Device 6 is a puzzle game by Simogo that released on iOS devices back in 2013. One of the first things you’ll notice as you fire it up is that it’s very text-based, and you’ll have to do lots of reading and re-reading to solve the game’s fiendish puzzles. The game will also have you twisting your device around to navigate through the text as it snakes around. That’s one of the brilliant design choices of Device 6: Not only does the text convey information, it also serves as the game’s map.

The main focus of Device 6 is its thriller-esque story, and it’s an interesting one at that. The narrative follows Anna, a woman who suddenly wakes up on a strange island with no recollection of how she got there. It’s best I don’t reveal anymore lest I spoil the fantastic plot, but I really enjoyed how the game slowly reveals not only the nature of Anna’s situation, but also the role you, the reader, play in the well constructed universe of Device 6.

A number of puzzles stand between you and Device 6’s bombshell ending. They’re all pretty difficult, but some could take you upwards of an hour if you really aren’t thinking through them the right way. I actually looked the first two puzzles up online before I got the hang of the game’s internal logic. Once I did, I enjoyed the game even more because once you figure out a puzzle, you’ll find it hard to believe you didn’t see it when it was so clearly in front of you the whole time!

The game exudes a general ’60s art- and sound-style, and the interface is clean and pleasing to look at over the roughly 3-hour adventure. Music and visual effects are used to create tension and they’re all great, down to a specific song near the end of the game that I immediately bought from iTunes. It’s that good. I found the overall feel of the game to be quite spooky, but don’t worry, there aren’t any crazy jumpscares. And I was playing in a creepy old unlit guardhouse at dusk as well, so that may have added to the eerieness for me!

Anyway, if you have an iOS device, you really owe it to yourself to play Device 6. It’s only about $4-5 depending on where you live, and it’s more than worth your time, so get on it!

Price: $4 | Buy from the App Store

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I’ve picked The Witcher III back up after a two-month hiatus and have totally gotten back into the game! I’m almost at the halfway mark, and I hope to finish it by the end of the year, which would make it the 32nd game I will have beaten this year!

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