Innovation: New solid gold mobile phone

A new 18 carat gold phone has been developed by Danish retailer Aesir to be sold in Moscow. The phone is intended to be a collectors item for the extra wealthy. E-Mail, the internet, a camera, navigation, and games are not included in this phone, but like I said, the sales target is the extra wealthy who have staff to do the extra stuff for them. The unit cost is $57,400 for the gold version and $9,867 in stainless steel. The company says it will design a new phone every eighteen months and will produce only 5,000 of the original model.

Personally I don’t think it’s a very good idea. Even for the rich, who needs a solid gold cellphone? Let us know with comment.

News Source: The Globe and Mail

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Review: iPad 2

Manufacturer: Apple | Year: 2011 | MSRP: ~$399.00 | Buy from Amazon

I must say that the iPad 2, even at first glance looks sleeker, and simpler that its rivals, and, it doesn’t just look that way, it is. The user interface is also very easy to use and learn even if you haven’t had an iPhone before. The iPad proves to be extremely functional even without downloading any apps, although I must say that Pages would be a nice touch for anyone. The only improvemant Safari could use is tabs, but I hear that’s coming with the next operating system. Mail is best in horizontal mode, but for image viewing vertical proves to be quite effective. It’s also very similar to Mail in OS X Lion which is convenient. Photos could use some editing features, however that is also supposed to come in the next iOS. The iPod and Videos app are similar to a Mac, and I don’t see anything wrong with them. YouTube is great for viewing videos, although I’ve had about three instances where it didn’t seem to display all search results. Contacts and iCal are great, no flaws spotted. Notes does what it says it does very well. Maps is excellent for navigation purposes or whatever else you might want to do with it. iTunes and the App Store are great, easy to use and have a lot of features derived from the iPhone.

Now I’ll talk about typing. For children, it couldn’t be better. For adults I’d recommend using your pointer and middle finger, and if you want, your thumb for spacing or switching to 123 mode.

The iPad is excellent for portability being thin, and lightweight. Plenty of backpacks, purses, and small luggage bags have pockets tailored specifically to fit the iPad. While traveling anywhere with the iPad even if it’s just running errands, the Smart Cover is also a great thing to have, especially for typing. It also makes the slideshows and other photo viewing features a lot better.

If your going to opt for a 3G iPad, the plans are very reasonable. The most inexpensive plans are about 15-20 dollars per month for about 250-500 megabytes of download which is good enough if you’re not into super heavy app downloading.

Well that’s my opinion for you. What do you think? Is there anything you would change about the iPad? Leave us a comment.

MSRP: ~$399.00 | Buy from Amazon

Study: Caillou is better for kids’ brains than SpongeBob

A recent study shows that slow paced cartoons like Caillou are better for kids’ brains than fast paced cartoons like SpongeBob.The study consisted of three groups of kids, one watched Caillou, the other SpongeBob and the other did reading, all for nine minutes. The children who watched SpongeBob scored an average of 12 points lower on a mental test than the other two groups.


What do you think? Do you remember watching Caillou as a kid? Tell us in the comments!