7 Legal Streaming Sites to Watch Anime For Free

The best way to support the anime industry is to purchase DVD/Blu-ray copies of all the shows, but that isn’t quite financially feasible for most. The next best thing would be to purchase a subscription to a streaming service, but those come at a cost too. While some may turn to other unofficial sources on the web, it is worth considering that there are free and legal options available for those who are willing to watch some advertisements in exchange for their dose of quality Japanese animated entertainment. While this certainly will not rescue the struggling industry, the people who help create and deliver this content to you will still earn something from the ad revenue. At the very least, streaming from official sources will keep your conscience happy. Continue reading

Listen: Garmarna

GarmarnaSince the band’s founding in 1990, Garmarna have been one of the most prominent names in Swedish folk music. Their modern take on traditional Swedish folk tunes and ballads led them to moderate success in Sweden throughout the ’90s. However, they — and the Scandinavian folk scene as a whole — have remained relatively unknown elsewhere in the world. I discovered Garmarna completely by accident, during one of my frequent escapades down the YouTube rabbit-hole. I’ve become a pretty big fan of their music since, and today I thought I’d do a little spotlight on three of their albums: VittradGuds Spelemän, and Vedergällningen.
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Review: Status Audio HD One Headphones

Manufacturer: Status Audio | Year: 2013 | MSRP: $49 | Buy from Amazon

statusaudioUntil now, I’ve never owned a pair of headphones. I’ve always been content with using the Apple earbuds/pods that come with Apple devices, but when I saw a good deal on these Status Audio headphones, I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve now been using my Classic HD Ones to listen to music, play video games, and watch YouTube videos for the past month and I feel I can give them an honest review and tell you whether or not you should buy them.
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Shop: Japan Auction J-Subculture

img_headerlogoI first discovered J-Subculture when I ordered from them through Amazon. They had included a flyer for their Auction service inside the package, so I decided I’d check it out. I’ve had an excellent experience with them so far, so if you would like to get some stuff from Japan I think you should consider giving them a try. Continue reading

Review: Civilization V: The Complete Edition

Developer: Firaxis Games | Year: 2010 | List Price: $39.99 | Buy from Amazon

Wine-1-5-17-Fixes-Civilization-V-Adds-Font-Anti-aliasing-2Back in 2008, when I was but a wee lad of 10, I begged my mum at a Walmart to get me a DS game that had Napoleon, Cleopatra, and Genghis Khan on its cover. I’d enjoyed Age of Empires: The Age of Kings for a while, and I thought Civilization Revolution would be the same. It was actually pretty different, and because I didn’t really understand it, I didn’t play it much at first. But after playing it more and more a couple years later, I began to learn how to play and it still actually ranks among my favourite strategy games.

I had a similar experience with Civilization V. I tried it almost two years ago, playing a couple of matches before deciding I still preferred the faster gameplay of Civilization Revolution. Last week, though, I got the Complete Edition bundle when it was on sale, and boy oh boy! have I forgotten how good Civilization is! In the past three nights, I’ve played three games over 16 hours, playing as the Spanish, the Hawaiians, then the Inca, and winning twice (Cultural and Domination). I’ve by no means touched everything the game has to offer, but I feel qualified to give a decent impression of how I think the game is. Note: The only other Civilization game I’ve played extensively is Civilization Revolution, so I can’t really compare Civilization V to earlier PC titles.
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