Review: Nintendo Game Boy Color

Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 1998 | List Price: ~$29.99 | Buy from Amazon

Game Boy ColorAbout 2 months ago, I was shopping online for some retro video games when I came across a Game Boy Color for $35. It was lime green (Kiwi), my favourite colour, and there was only one left in stock, so I made the impulse decision to buy it, along with a copy of Pokémon Yellow. Being an owner of a Game Boy Advance SP, I really didn’t need it at all because the SP plays all games in the Game Boy line. Regardless, it made playing original Game Boy games and Game Boy Color games feel super legit, so I decided that it would be worth the money. It’s become my take-everywhere game system, so I don’t regret buying it, but I definitely could’ve lived without making the purchase. Continue reading