Review: Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

Developer: Nintendo EAD | Year: 2002 | List Price: ~$15 | Buy from Amazon

smwsma2I’m currently going through a Mario phase wherein I’ve been going through and playing all the Mario 2D platformers (roughly in order of difficulty). I enjoyed Nintendo’s side series like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. but never played much in the way of Mario platformers as a kid, so it’s been really cool to actually try the mainline Mario games. Last weekend I finally beat the GBA port of the 1990 SNES game Super Mario World, a game that many consider to be the best Mario game and one of the best platformers of all time.
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Review: Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Manufacturer: Nintendo | Year: 2003 | List Price: ~$44.99 | Buy from Amazon

Game_Boy_Advance_SP_Red_ModelThe Game Boy Advance SP was the first game console I ever owned. I got it as a present for Christmas in 2004. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve had it for almost 10 years now and still play it from time to time. I don’t need to say, then, that the Advance SP is probably my favourite game console of all time. But is it still worth buying today when so many newer, more capable handhelds exist on the market?
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Review: Final Fantasy VI Advance

Developer: Square Enix | Year: 2007 | List Price: ~$49.99 | Buy from Amazon

FFVI AdvanceRemember in February when I posted my first impressions on Bravely Default and said I’d never played a JRPG before? Well Bravely Default sold me on the genre and several weeks back I went to a used game store and got Final Fantasy VI Advance for $50, which was a pretty steep price but better than any online solution I could find. (I also got Chrono Trigger DS, which I’ve just started, so look out for that review soon!). I’d always been interested in the hype surrounding Final Fantasy, so I looked up the ones available on any platform I own (basically meaning I through VI) and then looked up which was supposedly the best out of those titles.
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List: Baobab’s Favourite Nintendo Console Games (9-15)

9-15You can see the other games I’ve enjoyed here, but the following games are of a different calibre. They are the kinds that feature prominently when I think about a period of my life. Some are more recent, those are the games I have amassed dozens of hours in and will amass dozens more. And almost every one of them, I’ve played more than once, or plan to. So without further ado:
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