Review: New Super Mario Bros.

Developer: Nintendo EAD | Year: 2006 | List Price: ~$25 | Buy from Amazon

nsmbUp until very recently, I’d never beaten a Mario game. Shocking, right? It’s not that I never played them; in fact, I have lots of the NES games on Virtual Console, as well as all of the Super Mario Advance games. It’s just that the NES Mario games are really hard, and I just don’t have the platforming prowess to best them just yet. New Super Mario Bros. is actually the first Mario game I ever owned, though I hadn’t played it for a while. I read that it was a lot easier than other Mario games, so I decided to give it a revisit and beat it in only two days!
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List: Baobab’s Favourite Nintendo Console Games (16-50)

16-50I just decided today to compile a list of all the games I remember playing on my Nintendo handhelds (this includes 3DS Virtual Console). Now I’ve ranked them! This reflects my current opinion of the games, or what I remember of them, anyway. My opinion may have changed somewhat from the past, and will do in the future as I discover new games and replay old ones. And maybe I played some that I forgot that I’ll have to add to the list. But here goes! These are places 16th to 50th (the rest are probably not worth mentioning). I’ll make another post with longer descriptions for the 1st through 15th.
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