Review: Final Fantasy (PSone)

Developer: Square Co., Ltd. | Year: 2003 | List Price: $9.99 | Buy from Amazon

Final_Fantasy_1_psx_jpTwo days. That’s how long it took me to beat this game. There was no school yesterday, so I started Final Fantasy Origins for the first time on my PS Vita. 32 real-world (and 15 game-world) hours later, I beat Final Fantasy I. That’s the fastest I’ve ever beaten any JRPG, let alone Final Fantasy game — for comparison’s sake, I spent almost 2 months on Final Fantasy VI! But how does it actually compare to other Final Fantasy games? Read on to find out! Note: This is the Final Fantasy Origins version of Final Fantasy, which bundled it with Final Fantasy II for the PSone. I haven’t played II yet, but if/when I do, I’ll do a separate review for that game. 
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Review: Suikoden

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo | Year: 1996
List Price: ~$18.49 | Buy from Amazon

Suikoden1_PS1_USBoxLate last year, Konami surprised the world by finally re-releasing Suikoden II on PSN. The game, though it has a strong cult following, didn’t sell much upon release and fetches exorbitant prices on eBay. We’ll get to Suikoden II later though (after I play it!). For now, let’s dive into the first game in Konami’s flagship RPG franchise. Suikoden is much less celebrated but its story does directly link to its sequel, so it’s recommended that you try it first. But how does it hold up against other classic JRPGs you could be playing on your PS3 or Vita? Let’s find out, shall we!
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