Review: DualShock 4 Controller

Manufacturer: Sony | Year: 2013 | MSRP: $59.99 | Buy from Amazon

dualshock-4-blueThis review has been a long time coming. Even though I don’t yet have a PS4, I’ve had a blue DualShock 4 since Black Friday, when I saw it on sale. With it connected to my Mac, I’ve played through BioShock, Spec Ops: The Line, and BioShock Infinite. I’ve also just finished a 60+ hour playthrough of Dark Souls with it as well (expect a review soon!). I don’t actually own a DualShock 3, but I have used it extensively at friends’ places and will be comparing the DualShock 4 to it a lot. I can tell you right away, that from the 100 or so hours I’ve used the DualShock 4, it has met if not exceeded my expectations in every way.
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Tutorial: Use your DualShock 4 with a Mac

iw4vdsmdppnguodkok3eDuring a Black Friday sale, I bought a blue DualShock 4 for the rather low price of $40 even though I don’t (yet) have a PlayStation 4. This is because I’d played with it extensively at a friend’s house and really liked it. For the best compatibility with games, the better choice might’ve been the Xbox 360 controller, but that’s less compatible with the Macintosh architecture itself, and comes with it’s own set of problems. I knew it’d be a hassle now and then, but I was willing to give the DualShock 4 a shot because of how great it is as a controller (but more of that in a future article). With the right tools, you can even get the DualShock 4 to work with games that don’t natively support it. Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first though:
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Review: Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition

Developer: Mojang | Year: 2014 | List Price: 19.99 | Buy from Amazon

MCVitaMinecraft is a game that you never really stop playing once you start. Oh sure, some months have gone by since I played a serious session on the computer, but I recently got the PS Vita Edition of it, and boy have I been playing it! In fact, just a couple of days ago, I got my first ever PSN Platinum Trophy when I ‘beat’ it. Minecraft Vita brings the original game to a portable platform and really does it justice.

Minecraft is on pretty much every system imaginable at this point. PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, Android, heck, even the Raspberry Pi has its own version of Minecraft! All of these versions have their own unique quirks and limitations and it’s impossible to deny that technically, the PC version is the most complete. That said, I truly believe the PS Vita to have the definitive version of Minecraft. This is due to its portability and when you get down to it, Minecraft is a game that you really can play on the go. Want to make a tweak to your castle or farm? Now you don’t have to wait until you get home to do it.
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Review: Freedom Wars

Developer: SCE Japan Studio | Year: 2014 | List Price: $29.99 | Buy from Amazon

FuridamuuozuUpon hearing that Freedom Wars may be the very last first-party triple-A PS Vita game, I decided to give it my $30 when it came out two weeks ago. There was a super cool trailer as well as a healthy amount of hype on IGN, and after spending a fair amount of time on Borderlands 2, which was ported (badly) to the Vita, I really wanted to try an action game that was built from the ground up for the trusty portable. While it does suffer from its flaws, Freedom Wars really does show off the Vita’s capabilities and provides a mighty fun time all the while.
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Review: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software | Year: 2014 | List Price: $29.99 | Buy from Amazon

DANGANRONPA!!!Last weekend, I finished a game for the first time on my (somewhat) new PS Vita. That game is none other than Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, a very Japanese visual novel-style murder mystery game. I’d heard it was sort of a darker take on Phoenix Wright, and I can’t get Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies on 3DS yet (Nintendo knows I’m not quite 17 and is refusing to take my money for an M-rated game). I’d not played any visual novel games before, and I find myself quite enjoying the genre. Not to spoil the ending of this review too much, but let’s just say I hope that the Ace Attorney Trilogy that hits the 3DS on December 9 is rated Teen!
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