Review: Sony PlayStation Vita Slim (PCH-2000, Borderlands 2 Bundle)

Manufacturer: Sony | Year: 2014 | List Price: $199.99 | Buy from Amazon

PS Vita SlimI am a Nintendo fanboy through and through. I have never owned a video game console made by any other company. A couple of days ago, however, that changed as I bought the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s current-generation handheld and the successor to the PlayStation Portable. I decided to make the purchase primarily to play PlayStation 1 classics and also for some PS Vita exclusives such as Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Seeing that it only cost $200 bundled with Borderlands 2 and including an 8GB memory card, I jumped at the chance. And it’s actually pretty nice! (Note: I’ve only had my console for 3 days, and so far I’ve only played Borderlands 2 and Persona 3 Portable on it. I do feel I have had enough time with it to write a good review, though.)
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