7 Legal Streaming Sites to Watch Anime For Free

The best way to support the anime industry is to purchase DVD/Blu-ray copies of all the shows, but that isn’t quite financially feasible for most. The next best thing would be to purchase a subscription to a streaming service, but those come at a cost too. While some may turn to other unofficial sources on the web, it is worth considering that there are free and legal options available for those who are willing to watch some advertisements in exchange for their dose of quality Japanese animated entertainment. While this certainly will not rescue the struggling industry, the people who help create and deliver this content to you will still earn something from the ad revenue. At the very least, streaming from official sources will keep your conscience happy. Continue reading

Watch: The Snowmen

Christmas 2012Tomorrow, the Series 7 Doctor Who Christmas Special will air. This will feature the return of the Eleventh Doctor, and the return of actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, though it is unsure how her new character, Clara Oswin is related to her old one, Oswin Oswald. In any case, here is the synopsis from the BBC Press Office:

Christmas Eve 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairytales. When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?

Are you excited for this episode? How do you think it will stack up against previous Christmas specials? Tell us in the comments! When I get a chance to see the episode, I’ll write a review, but as it is the holiday season, I may not have time to write until a couple days after the episode airs.

Watch: Top Gear

Top GearIn North America, Top Gear is not very well known. Only people who bother to pay extra for a BBC channel, and care to listen to a bunch of British middle-aged men talk about cars would have seen it. When described like that, the show doesn’t seem like it could be a hit. But viewers who tune in every week know that Top Gear is not just a car review show. It’s a celebration of the automotive lifestyle. In fact it’s not even the cars I enjoy about the show (even though some are really, really cool); it’s watching a couple of old guys fooling around and making jokes.

The original series of Top Gear started in 1977. It was a typical review show, where they looked at different models of cars and told you whether you should buy it or not. But when viewing figures declined, the show was axed. This happened in 1999, but only three years later, Jeremy Clarkson, one of the former presenters, started the new format in which there were car challenges, races, and they would often just do random things to the car to see if it held up. Once or twice a year, usually around Christmas, they do a really epic and often treacherous race through another country in a couple of supercars.

The reason I bring this up now, is that this morning I found that some of the older series of Top Gear are being uploaded by the official Top Gear Youtube Channel. Yes! The full episodes! I’m not exactly sure when they started doing this, but most of the videos have only a couple views and were only uploaded today or yesterday.

Watch: The Angels Take Manhattan

Tonight, the mid-series finale of Series 7 of Doctor Who will air. It will feature the return of the  Weeping Angels and River Song. It is also the last episode with Amy and Rory appearing as the regular companions. Here is the synopsis from the BBC Press Office:

The Doctor’s heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory – a race against time through the streets of Manhattan, as New York’s statues come to life around them… With Rory’s life in danger, the Doctor and Amy must locate him before it’s too late! Luckily, an old friend helps them and guides the way.

I’ll write a review once I get a chance to see the episode and once I recover from Weeping Angel shock! Are you excited for the episode? Tell us in the comments!